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Now is your opportunity to break into a Medical Sales Career!

Breaking into a career in medical sales is tougher than ever, but not when you earn your R.A.I.™ Certification. Our Training Program is an online, proceed-at-your-own-pace training course which you can study and complete in the comfort of your office or home. You need basic computer skills and high speed internet access, and, if needed, help is just an e-mail away!  

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Receive the training and preparation to give you the foundation that medical sales professionals need. Our tutorials follow the same training program developed for United States Surgical Corporation, the gold standard in medical sales training. Most candidates complete these tutorials in 3 weeks or less!

Resume Makeover

Resume specialist Louise Garver will help you prepare the perfect resume for a career in medical sales, giving you the tools to land interviews. Louise is a certified professional resume writer, job search coach and branding strategist with extensive experience working with sales professionals at all levels in the medical/healthcare industries.

Job Boards

Our Program is endorsed by Steve Dill, CEO of GorillaMed, the country's fastest growing medical sales job board. He believes so strongly in our Program that we can now offer you a 6 month free membership to GorillaMed, voted the No. 1 site to find a medical sales job.

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"I think the R.A.I. training is a winner and will give an individual a leg-up when trying to break into the world of medical sales." 

-Steve Dill.


Also included are six month memberships to and, two of the top job boards in the industry.  You'll be linked to just about  every open position in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

Real Training and Real Opportunities 

We don't stop there. Once certified, R.A.I. will market your resume to the most influential medical sales recruiters and hiring managers in the industry. We will get you noticed.

We will also teach you how to successfully participate in a behavioral interview, and how to prepare a 30-60-90 day sales plan.

And best of all, while you are preparing and interviewing for your new career, you don't pay anything for 6 months. Surf the job boards, begin the interview process and don't pay a cent for 6 months.

If you're serious about a career in medical sales, click Enroll for more details.


Medical-device and Pharmaceutical companies like to hire their entry-level salespeople from the ranks of business-to-business salespeople. So don't be like every other B2B sales representative.  
Stand out from the crowd, show your initiative and drive to succeed by learning the basics with an R.A.I.™ Medical Sales Career Training Certification.  Beat your competition for that sales position.  
Achieve the level of training medical sales companies are looking for in a candidate with an R.A.I. Medical Sales Career Training Certification. 
Become a member of an elite team of professional medical sales people, a team of individuals who have been prepared for a successful career in medical sales by the same group of individuals that developed the gold standard of training at U.S. Surgical Corporation (Covidien). 

Real Training and Real Opportunities for Candidates

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R.A.I. ™ is a medical sales career training and recruiting company that helps people break into medical sales and find the right job by providing all the tools to help you succeed. 

If you're serious about a medical sales career, move to the next level!  Do you want the edge Over Your Competition in the hiring process? Enroll Now!  

Along with the medical knowledge, you will have a One Year Free membership to the R.A.I. Medical Sales Job Board, loaded with current medical sales positions for you to immediately apply for.  

Here is a small sample of what is currently available:

  • Pharmaceutical Sales Positions $75,000-$90,000 
    Experienced Professional Healthcare Representative opportunities in: Bridgeport, CT; Atlanta, GA; Phoenix, AZ; Albany,  NY; San Diego CA; Knoxville, TN; Cleveland OH; Anaheim, CA; Saddle River, NJ; Boston, MA; NYC, NY
  • Medical Device Sales
    $110-135000  Positions available in: Phoenix, AZ; Newark, NJ; Denver, CO; Los Angeles; CA; Albuquerque, NM; Seattle; WA; Kansas City, MO; Atlanta, GA; Columbia, SC; Raleigh, NC
  • Entry Level Medical Sales
    $40,000-$50,000  B2B experienced professionals needed in: Memphis, TN; Chicago, IL; Orlando, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Houston, TX; Westchester, NY; Jacksonville, FL; Birmingham, AL; Williamsburg, VA; Charleston, SC

There are many more opportunities to search, one of the many immediate benefits you receive once you enroll in our Program!

R.A.I. will not only help you identify career opportunities, but also give you that extra competitive edge by providing the necessary training and knowledge that hiring managers are looking for!  Be a better candidate for the jobs you are looking to land. R.A.I. is the one-stop site that provides everything you need to be successful in a medical sales career.  Our Training Program is an online, proceed-at-your-own-pace training course which you can study and complete in the comfort of your office or home. You need basic computer skills and high speed internet access, and, if needed, help is just an e-mail away!  

R.A.I. provides the Medical Sales Training, the Job Board, a Resume Review, Interview Coaching and much more. Enroll Now!
World Class Training From the Best in the Industry!

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